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Lusala, a young man rescued from his abusive upcountry home, moves in with an affluent Nairobi family. Years later, when he comes of age, he is imposed upon to leave the nest and start out life on his own. Eager and acquiescent at first, he makes the most of his new life, until the demons from his past return, and he is forced to face them alone.

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Direction: Mugambi Nthiga

Script: Silas Miami, Wanjeri Gakuru, Oprah Kaiawhina

Cast: Brian Ogola, Mkamzee Mwatela, Alan Oyugi, Alyce Wangari, Stycie Waweru

Original Title: Lusala

Original Languages: English, Swahili

Subtitles: English, German

Film Production Country: Kenya


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