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„Lavenla awoley ta isla, manejla halawoley, tapta yhej ihisetlhalá.“
Your hair will be beautiful like the branches of a tree. Never let anyone cut it.

Yola’s thick, black hair that cascades down to her hips is her most precious trait. The young girl of Wichi origin is working as a housekeeper in a Catholic family with many children. Their stressed-out mother is obliged to throw an extravagant Quinceañera, a party that the entire village will never forget, for her daughter Antonella. The garden, the food, the dress and the girl’s hair – everything needs to be perfect. When for that occasion, Yola has her hair unjustly cut, the overcharged mother unknowingly destroys the girl’s ties with the family.

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Direction: Daniela Seggiaro

Original Title: Nosilatiaj. La Belleza

Original Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Argentina


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