Film Still "Hortensia"
Film Still "The Paris Opera"
Film Still "SAYOUNARA"
Film Still "Fonko"
Film Still "Of Dogs and Horses"
Film Still "Hortensia" Film Still "Hortensia"


Happiness is closer than you think It‘s December when Hortensia‘s father dies of electrocution from opening the fridge. She is fired from work and on New Years, she discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her with her best friend. Anxious and alone, she finds a letter she wrote when … more

Film Still "The Paris Opera" Film Still "The Paris Opera"

Art, Documentary

In turn ironic, light-hearted and cruel, encompassing music and ballet, The Paris Opéra turns the spotlight on great passions, and tells the story of life behind the scenes at one of the most prestigious performing arts institutions in the world. more

Film Still "SAYOUNARA" Film Still "SAYOUNARA"
Yuho Ishibashi 2017 86 Min


High school student Yuki’s peaceful life in a sleepy coastal town is rocked when her best friend Aya commits suicide. As friends since junior high, this unexpected event plunges Yuki into self-doubt about her life and the people around her. Her classmates respond in different ways, with Yuki becoming the … more

Film Still "Fonko" Film Still "Fonko"

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary

The great music revolutions of our times have come from Africa, and the next one is brewing there right now. Soon, our local music industries will be swamped with it. Afrobeats, Azonto, Kuduro and South African House are club music styles based on traditional rhythms, becoming a means of expressing … more

Film Still "Of Dogs and Horses" Film Still "Of Dogs and Horses"
Thomas Stuber 2011 34 Min


A wasteland, in which mid-fifty year old Rolf (Matthias Brenner) tries to motivate his dog Piet to keep walking. A quiet wide shot shows the desolation of the surroundings, which are just as unspectacular as Rolf’s deep affection for his dog. Hip dysplasia - the diagnosis from the veterinarian is … more


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