Film Still "Shooting Star"
Film Still "Le Ciel, la Terre et L'Homme"
Film Still "Couchmovie"
Film Still "Monika"
Film Still "Cern"
Film Still "Shooting Star" Film Still "Shooting Star"
Lyubo Yonchev 2015 28 Min

Drama, Short Film

Lilly (47) is a divorced mother of two - Martin, who has recently come of age, and the little Alexandra (5). One cold winter evening Martin takes Alexandra from kindergarten. In the dark streets of the neighborhood they become a part of a tragic accident that hardly can be forgotten … more

Film Still "Le Ciel, la Terre et L'Homme" Film Still "Le Ciel, la Terre et L'Homme"
Caroline Reucker 2018 70 Min

Documentary, Environment & Nature

„LE CIEL, LA TERRE ET L’HOMME“ tries to get hold of the impressions of the Moroccan desert landscape, through which perpetually blows the wind, as well as of the people living there and to tell their stories. In the reality of the film a space of encounters with Ahmed, Yussef, … more

Film Still "Couchmovie" Film Still "Couchmovie"
Isabel Braak 2013 55 Min


In four episodes, the film portrays the encounters between “couch surfers” and their hosts in four different places in Europe. In Stuttgart, Swabian publisher Annette meets Pawel, a Polish happy go lucky, while in Spain, her niece Nina is expecting a big fiesta but instead comes upon a deaf old … more

Film Still "Monika" Film Still "Monika"
Christian Werner 2011 55 Min


Barely out of her teens, dependent on her family and extremely nearsighted, Monika, 20, desperately wants to pass her driving test. She undertakes a risky eye laser operation which fails and she loses her sight. Her fragile mother cracks under the strain of seeing her daughter blind and defenceless. Through … more

Film Still "Cern" Film Still "Cern"

Current Affairs, Documentary

The research centre CERN as a self-contained, independent zone - a parallel universe so to speak. Here the big bang scenario is recreated, searching for the smallest particle. Nikolaus Geyrhalter's documentary gives an impression of the huge infrastructure which makes an institution like CERN possible. For this Nikolaus Geyrhalter is … more


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