Film Still "Millennials"
Film Still "The Lady Anatomist"
Film Still "Deer Boy"
Film Still "Kimono"
Film Still "Saint Music"
Film Still "Millennials" Film Still "Millennials"
Jana Bürgelin 2017 70 Min


Millennials follows its two protagonists Anne and Leo like a wandering companion. Both in their early thirties, they are close friends but not a couple. What connects them is their urban background and their cosmopolitan attitude. Where they differ is their completely diverging approach to the little things in life. … more

Film Still "The Lady Anatomist" Film Still "The Lady Anatomist"
Iris Fegerl 2019 55 Min

Documentary, History

For a long time, the wax portrait of a woman was a mystery. Feminine and nobly dressed she is seen with a scalped brain in her lap. The portrait stands amidst a collection of anatomical models that were revolutionary in the 18th century. For an audience of doctors who did … more

Film Still "Deer Boy" Film Still "Deer Boy"
Katarzyna Gondek 2017 15 Min

Drama, Experimental, Fantasy, Short Film

A story about a hunter’s son, who was born with antlers, and about how each man kills the thing he loves. more

Film Still "Kimono" Film Still "Kimono"
Maurice Hübner 2011 24 Min

Drama, Short Film

Looking for something to eat, a homeless woman sneaks into a man’s apartment. When she is almost caught, she hides just in the nick of time in his closet. But instead of leaving the apartment, she gets interested in the man and starts to secretly live there and observe him. … more

Film Still "Saint Music" Film Still "Saint Music"
Dagmawi Zemed 2018 40 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary

Saint Music is a documentary exploring Ethiopian music, its brief history and the challenges it faces. The film comprises of interviews of the country's music elite including Mr. Yilma Gebre Ab, Mr. Dawit Yifu, Betty G. and others as well as a brief overview of the prominent music school; Yared … more


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