Film Still "The Beauty"
Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"
Film Still "The Path of KUMIODORI"
Film Still "The Beauty" Film Still "The Beauty"

Animation, Short Film

What if plastic could be integrated into sea life? Take a deep breath and dive into a world, where feelings of guilt dissolve amongst the mysterious depths of the ocean. A world where we encounter bizarre creatures and discover eerily beautiful landscapes. Unfortunately, our air doesn’t last forever and we … more

whitestar_filmgalerie451_18 whitestar_filmgalerie451_18
Roland Klick 1983 92 Min


Berlin, 1981. Ken Barlow (Dennis Hopper), a washed up tour manager, hit his peak as a road manager for the Rolling Stones but things have been going downhill for him ever since. He has found salvation in Moody (Terrance Robay), an up and coming synth-pop artist, who he vies to … more

tildaswintontheinvisible_framecopyrightsandrokopp_filmgalerie_451_1 tildaswintontheinvisible_framecopyrightsandrokopp_filmgalerie_451_1
Cynthia Beatt 2009 60 Min

Documentary, History

In 1988, the British director Cynthia Beatt, who is based in Berlin, conceived a special cinematic bike tour. She selected a number of places along the 160 km long border where the young Tilda Swinton cycled along and thus apparently circled the island of West Berlin once. Today CYCLING THE … more

Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons" Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"
Cornelius Schick 2019 41 Min

Comedy, Romance

In a fictitious world, a wall goes through a country and its city. Both sides face each other irreconcilably. The film tells the story of the 40 year old rocket scientist Paul who falls in love with a supposed woman. Who, like him, is not absorbed with the irreconcilable differences … more

Film Still "The Path of KUMIODORI" Film Still "The Path of KUMIODORI"

Drama, Short Film

Takeshi works for museum personnel as well as for performer of Ryukyuan performing art "KUMIODORI". He push forward with his skill to go back and forth between on stage and place of wok or practice room every day. Takenoshin who is Takeshi's son spend feel lonely because of his father … more


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