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Film Still "Diamanthände"


Ella Raetzer 2016 20 Min
For me, music is the medium with which to express …
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Memories in Mind

Shirley Thompson 1992 22 Min
Four women from the Caribbean recall, candidly, stark memories of …
Film Still "Seahorse"


Nele Dehnenkamp 2020 16 Min
The seahorse is a powerful animal. It cannot sink, encourages …
Film Still "Skywriters"


Nils Otte 2016 27 Min
The sky is their canvas, the airplane is their paintbrush. …
Film Still "Space Cleaners"

Space Cleaners

Marco Hülser 2019 23 Min
Already in the next decades, the problem of space debris …
Film Still "Galamsey - For a Fistful of Gold"

Galamsey - For a Fistful of Gold

Johannes Preuss 2017 28 Min
As a young development worker the narrator experienced a gold …
Film Still "What happened to Magdalena Jung?"

What happened to Magdalena Jung?

Christoph Schlingensief 1983 13 Min
MAGDALENA JUNG can fly and does so without much ado. …
Film Still "Phantasus Must Change"

Phantasus Must Change

Christoph Schlingensief 1983 9 Min
There have always been attempts to block our view, to …
Film Still "Richard Twice"

Richard Twice

Matthew Salton 2017 10 Min
Richard Atkins, the singer and songwriter of the early 70’s …
Film Still "The Vision of William Blake"

The Vision of William Blake

Guy Brenton 1985 29 Min
William Blake's personal philosophy as expressed in his paintings and …
Film Still "Susie Cooper"

Susie Cooper

Jenny Wilkes 1985 26 Min
The last of a four-part series about “the freehand paintresses” …
Film Still "The Secret World of Odilon Redon"

The Secret World of Odilon Redon

Stephen Cross 1973 30 Min
Like other major figures of the French Symbolist movement, Odilon …
Film Still "Richard Hamilton"

Richard Hamilton

James Scott 1969 25 Min
Examination of the work and preoccupations of the pop art …
Film Still "R.B. Kitaj"

R.B. Kitaj

James Scott 1983 20 Min
An interview with Ronal Kitaj in which he expounds his …
Film Still "Matisse - A Sort of Paradise"

Matisse - A Sort of Paradise

Lawrence Gowing, John Jones 1969 28 Min
The film, recording pictures gathered from all over the world …
Film Still "Malevitch Suprematism"

Malevitch Suprematism

Lutz Becker 1971 9 Min
An innovative homage to the work of Kazimir Malevich and …
Film Still "Laura Knight 1877-1970"

Laura Knight 1877-1970

Jane Jackson 1989 25 Min
A film from a series focusing on women painters who …
Film Still "I Build My Time"

I Build My Time

Tristram Powell 1975 30 Min
The film about the German painter Kurt Schwitters, who came …
Film Still "Hokusai An Animated Sketchbook"

Hokusai An Animated Sketchbook

Tony White 1978 6 Min
A short tribute to the artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849), which …
Film Still "Giacometti"


Michael Gill 1967 14 Min
Spend a few minutes with Giacometti in his Paris studio …
Film Still "Francis Bacon: Paintings 1944-1962"

Francis Bacon: Paintings 1944-1962

David Thompson 1963 10 Min
David Thompson’s wordless film from 1963 presents a montage of …
Film Still "Fast and Furious: The Life and Times of Nina Hamnett"

Fast and Furious: The Life and Times of Nina Hamnett

Teresa Grimes 1989 26 Min
Examination into the work and life of Nina Hamnett, a …
Film Still "The Colour of Dreams"

The Colour of Dreams

Susanna White 1989 26 Min
A portrait of Eileen Agar, who was born into a …
Film Still "Clarice Cliff"

Clarice Cliff

Jenny Wilkes 1985 26 Min
The third of a four-part series about `the freehand paintresses' …
Film Still "Charlotte Rhead"

Charlotte Rhead

Jenny Wilkes 1985 26 Min
The first of a four-part series about “the freehand paintresses” …
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