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Saint Music is a documentary exploring Ethiopian music, its brief history and the challenges it faces. The film comprises of interviews of the country's music elite including Mr. Yilma Gebre Ab, Mr. Dawit Yifu, Betty G. and others as well as a brief overview of the prominent music school; Yared Music School named after Yared who is considered to be the father of Ethiopian music. The documentary delves into the problem that the music has of not performing as well in the international market. However, foreigners have embarked on a journey to fuse the music with their own culture and try to make new sounds. Ethiopian music is known for its pentatonic scale under which the four modes; Bati, Ambassel, Anchi Hoye and Tizita play a defining role in the music both past and present.

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Direction: Dagmawi Zemed

Script: Dagmawi Zemed, Nathan Seyoum

Original Title: Saint Music

Original Languages: Amharic, English

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Ethiopia


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