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The extinction of the Aral Sea is one of the most disastrous human-caused catastrophes in world history. Rusty skeletons of ships and deserts of salt fall below the horizon, which once was covered by the marine waves – all these images come to mind when you think of the Aral. This is the world after the end.

"Sea tomorrow" takes us to the back stage of the post-apocalyptic landscape. And there, among the haunted marshes of salt, we find people. The sea is gone but the people are left. A fisherman who has no fish to catch. An old gardener who only has saline soil to plant his trees. A lady hydro-biologist who does her daily studies in the mud of the former seabed. Pirates who live in the shipwrecks at the same time dismantling them for scrap. All of them have applied themselves to get a life in the world where the worst has already happened. The locals say: every 50 years a generation is renewed – every 100 years the land is renewed. The sea is gone. But maybe one day it will be back again.

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Direction: Katerina Suvorova

Original Title: Sea Tomorrow

Original Languages: Russian, Kazakh

Subtitles: English

Film Production Countries: Kazakhstan, Germany


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