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Because of his cancer, Pavel has to intensify his chemotherapy. One of its side effects is the loss of fertility. The exhausting therapy is to start in five days. Pavel (32) and Jasmin (26) only recently have started a relationship. Unexpectedly, they have to make decisions that were expected to come far in the future.
Together they drive to a friend’s house on a lake. Pavel wants to have a child at all costs and tries to convince Jasmin to become a mother. She is irritated and believes that Pavel would take any woman to give birth to his child. She does not feel prepared to be a mother. Only after Pavel has made her understand that she is the one he loves and whom he wants to have children with, she agrees to try to conceive a child. However, by now Pavel is haunted by the consequences of his disease. He does not want their child to grow up without a father. The couple has to accept that they will never have children of their own.Together they begin therapy.

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Direction: Christian Werner

Script: Katharina Kress, Christian Werner

Cast: Anna de Carlo, Matthias Faust, Anne Catrin Buhtz, Dorothea Arnold

Original Title: Kindeseile

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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