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Set in the Afro-Colombian community of La Barra on Colombia’s Pacific coast, CRAB TRAP tells the story of both the drama of a young man, trying to flee his past, and the upcoming clash between a remote village and modernity, represented by two intruding foreigners.

Daniel arrives in the village looking for a boat to leave the country. He intends to stay for only a few days, but a strange shortage of fish has affected La Barra and the fishermen have been sailing far out to sea in hopes of finding new resources. These circumstances make Daniel’s search more difficult. In the meantime the villagers have their own issues: Cerebro, the leader of the community, is trying to adjust to the advent of modernity. The inhabitants never bothered to attest their ownership of the land they have lived on for many generations, until El Paisa, a landowner who wants to build a beach resort, arrived

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Direction: Oscar Ruíz Navia

Original Title: El Vuelco del Cangrejo

Original Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Film Production Countries: Colombia, France


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