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The White Helmets are struggling to keep it together. Aleppo is close to collapsing; the end of the city as we know it. People are constantly putting their life at risk. How do they deal with their fear of death? After five years of war in Syria, the remaining 350.000 citizens of Aleppo are preparing themselves for a siege. Through the volunteers from The White Helmets, we experience daily life, death and struggles in the streets of Aleppo. Khalid, Subhi and Mahmoud are founding members of The White Helmets and are the first to enter the destroyed buildings, scouring through the rubble in search of bodies and signs of life. They have chosen to stay in Aleppo in order to save their people during the never ending siege.

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Direction: Feras Fayyad

Production: Larm Film, Aleppo Media Center

Original Title: Last Men in Aleppo

Original Language: Arabic

Subtitles: Serbian

Film Production Countries: Denmark, Syria


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