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"Katutura" follows a group of characters experiencing the gravity of living in a township. Ex-convict Dangi has to deal with living a law-abiding life, an extramarital son and an old flame who his wife doesn’t know about. Gangster Shivago explores a new market to sell his drugs and Kondja, a teenager in a wheelchair who helps street kids, falls in love for the first time. Their paths intertwine and their lives collide in both hopeful and brutal ways.

Katutura deals with the struggle of everyday life in the township. There is crime, drug abuse, violence, but it also shows the strength of the community as well as the bustling creativity in the place otherwise known as the place where we do not belong.

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Direction: Florian Schott

Script: Obed Emvula, Florian Schott

Cast: Chops Tshoopara, Obed Emvula, Gift Uzera, Odile Müller

Original Title: Katutura

Original Language: English

Film Production Country: Namibia


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