Of Dogs and Horses

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A wasteland, in which mid-fifty year old Rolf (Matthias Brenner) tries to motivate his dog Piet to keep walking. A quiet wide shot shows the desolation of the surroundings, which are just as unspectacular as Rolf’s deep affection for his dog. Hip dysplasia - the diagnosis from the veterinarian is unemotional. For Rolf his world is falling apart. An operation could save the dog but would cost a lot of money - money Rolf obviously doesn’t have. In his desperation he believes that his only chance is to try his luck at the race tracks, even though he knows nothing about betting. Horse-Schäfer (Bernd Stempel) must help. His apartment is almost empty except for a dining table and a horse painting. But Rolf's friend from the past doesn’t want to join him at the race tracks. Rolf almost oversleeps the race, but Schäfer wakes him - he has changed his mind. At the horse racing track, everything seems to go according to plan. They win the first race, just as Schäfer predicted. But then Horse-Schäfer and Rolf lose their luck and gamble away the winnings. Still, even underdogs get their chance sometimes. On this evening, Rolf is sure that Piet will grow ancient...

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Direction: Thomas Stuber

Script: Thomas Stuber

Cast: Matthias Brenner, Bernd Stempel, Manfred Möck, Sven Lehmann, Axel Werner

Original Title: Von Hunden und Pferden

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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