Sanchu Uprising: Voices at Dawn

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The year is 1726. In Sanchu, located in Okayama Prefecture, Jihei is living quietly with his wife Tami, who is expecting a baby soon. One day, Tami's elder brother Shinroku says that the village farmers are planning on negotiating with the domain to exempt various taxes, and asks Jihei to take part in it. Jihei reluctantly participates. Confronted by countless farmers and fearing that the situation will get out of hand, the domain accepts the farmers' requests except for the exemption of mountain taxes. The mountain folks including wood workers and iron workers are furious with the result and they attack storehouses to steal rice. The domain quickly tries to suppress them, but the farmers decide to assemble and stand up once again to confront the domain. Unfortunately, the farmers are defeated by the domain's overwhelming power. After witnessing the beheading of the farmers that are captivated, Jihei faces his conflicted feelings of what he should do…

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Direction: Juichiro Yamasaki

Script: Juichiro Yamasaki

Cast: Naohisa Nakagaki, Kano Kajiwara, Shoichi Honda

Original Title: 新しき民

Original Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Japan


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