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“When we dance we find purpose with our bodies.” (Tom London,Soweto's Finest). Street dance in South Africa is a complex, convoluted underworld. Like most subcultures it exists as a sum of its participants. In townships, ghettos and suburbs exist a group of individuals who form partially a dance crew - partially a group therapy. Whether it is Isipantsula, B-boying, Krump or Sbhujwa - for many of the dancers the situation in their communities is a struggle for purpose, identity and the confidence. Whatever this dance thing is. It is beautiful, part circus / part soul. No matter the context or style. We all ultimately dance for an audience of one.

Presented by Norient Film Festival – The World Through Music and Sound.

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Direction: Bryan Little

Original Title: The African Cypher

Original Languages: Zulu, English, Afrikaans

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: South Africa

Festival Website: Norient Film Festival


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