The Coffin Salesman

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The Coffin Salesman is a black comedy/satire that holds up a mirror to life, love and living. It follows the story of a well..A coffin salesman Uwem Akan played by four-time AMVCA Nominee Kelechi Udegbe whose business hits a rough patch as he is unable to sell coffins…Nobody has died for a while in the small town he lives and and it gradually looks unlikely as everyone is living healthy; exercising, quitting smoking etc. Desperate he goes out trying to market and is met but a barrier as culturally death is not something Nigerians want to discuss. Uwem’s problem is compounded when his clearly-above-his-league wife decides she has had enough of the poverty and leaves him right after his daughter Nse (Played by Mariam Kayode who is the youngest person ever nominated for the AMVCA at 11) grimly informs him she has been cheating on him. Heartbroken, Uwem is faced with yet another problem; His daughter Nse thinks she is a super hero and dresses up in a one-piece with an ankara cape attached. Her school concerned about her decide to (like most schools not used to dealing with special needs children) suspend her from school. Annoyed, Uwem withdraws her and begins to accept the fact that she is just a different child. The story switches gear when KPAI Murder Services moves next door to Uwem’s Coffin shop and tries to buy his business. In a night out drinking with the CEO of KPAI he agrees to have his wife’s new boyfriend murdered for part ownership of his business. And just when he finally scores a sale he realizes his mistake when he gets a notification that the murder is about to be carried out. Panicked and confused, He has to save his wife before the KPAI Murder Agents carry out their work.

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Direction: Imoh Umoren

Original Title: The Coffin Salesman

Original Language: English

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Country: Nigeria


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