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Kazakhstan. The Tian Shan mountains. The Tuiuksu glacier. And a Lithuanian scientist who’s been living at 3,500 metres of altitude for 30 years with no contact with the civilized world. A whole life dedicated to studying and capturing our planet’s evolution. Only a loyal, mischievous dog and a docile, playful cat for company. The film director Audrius Stonys captures the vibration of an inhospitable environment with images that hold a supernatural power. The slow contemplation of the landscape with barely any dialogue is interspersed with archive material of the glacier which distorts the space-time perception. A poetic story about a solitary woman and an eternal glacier.

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Direction: Audrius Stonys

Script: Audrius Stonys

Original Title: Moteris ir Ledynas

Original Languages: Russian, Lithuanian

Subtitles: Serbian

Film Production Countries: Estonia, Lithuania


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