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Film Still "Cartel Land"

Cartel Land

Matthew Heineman 2015 98 Min
With unprecedented access, CARTEL LAND is a harrowing look at …
Film Still "Above & Below"

Above & Below

Nicolas Steiner 2015 118 Min
Far, far away and out of sight, that's where April, …
Film Still "Idomeni"


David Aronowitsch, Ahmed Abdullahi 2020 90 Min
It is a place where you are suspended in time. …
Film Still "Palio"


Cosima Spender 2015 91 Min
With breathtaking cinematography, director Cosima Spender's enthralling documentary captures the …
Film Still "Motley’s Law"

Motley’s Law

Nicole Nielsen Horanyi 2015 85 Min
The film follows the extraordinary story of Kimberley Motley, an …
Film Still "Vita Activa : The Spirit of Hannah Arendt"

Vita Activa : The Spirit of Hannah Arendt

Ada Ushpiz 2015 125 Min
Hannah Arendt's life story interwined with her thoughts on the …
Film Still "Sonita"


Rohsareh Gaem Maghami 2015 90 Min
Sonita is an 18-year-old female, an undocumented Afghan illegal immigrant …
Film Still "A Strange Love Affair With Ego"

A Strange Love Affair With Ego

Ester Gould 2015 93 Min
Admiration for her sister Rowan's self-confidence leads filmmaker Ester Gould …
Film Still "Gabo: The Magic of Reality"

Gabo: The Magic of Reality

Justin Webster 2015 88 Min
The film is a story about the incredible power of …
Film Still "The Russian Woodpecker"

The Russian Woodpecker

Chad Gracia 2015 82 Min
While researching a secret Soviet antenna at Chernobyl, which interrupted …
Film Still "Bolshoi Babylon"

Bolshoi Babylon

Nick Read 2015 87 Min
For the first time the Bolshoi Theatre allows a film …
Film Still "The Visit – an Alien Encounter"

The Visit – an Alien Encounter

Michael Madsen 2015 83 Min
THE VISIT is a documentary with comedy elements, and a …
Film Still "Iranian"


Mehran Tamadon 2014 105 Min
It took two years for Mehran Tamadon to persuade the …
Film Still "Paco de lucia. A Journey"

Paco de lucia. A Journey

Francisco Sanchez Varela 2014 92 Min
A lively chronicle of the career of the brilliant Andalusian …
Film Still "Still Recording"

Still Recording

Saeed Al Batal, Ghiath Ayoub 2018 120 Min
Saeed is a young cinema passionate trying to teach other …
Film Still "The Earth is Blue as an Orange"

The Earth is Blue as an Orange

Iryna Tsilyk 2020 74 Min
Single mother Anna and her four children live in the …
Film Still "Cern"


Nikolaus Geyrhalter 2013 75 Min
The research centre CERN as a self-contained, independent zone - …
Film Still "Pepe Mujica - Lessons from the Flowerbed"

Pepe Mujica - Lessons from the Flowerbed

Heidi Specogna 2014 94 Min
The nearly 80-year-old José “Pepe” Mujica is known as the …
Film Still "RBG"


Julie Cohen, Betsy West 2018 98 Min
At the age of 85, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth …
Film Still "Venus"


Lea Glob, Mette Carla Albrechtsen 2016 80 Min
Two female directors in their thirties, start an investigation based …
Film Still "That Pärt Feeling"

That Pärt Feeling

Paul Hegeman 2019 75 Min
Arvo Pärt is the most performed living composer in the …
Film Still "The Raft"

The Raft

Marcus Lindeen 2018 98 Min
In 1973, five men and six women drifted across the …
Film Still "The Waldheim Waltz"

The Waldheim Waltz

Ruth Beckermann 2018 93 Min
The film shows the tangled web that former UN Secretary …
Film Still "The Ugliest Car"

The Ugliest Car

Grzegorz Szczepaniak 2017 47 Min
The youngest protagonist of the documentary is Wartburg, an automobile …
Film Still "Tokyo Idols"

Tokyo Idols

Kyoko Miyake 2017 88 Min
Girl bands and their pop music permeate every moment of …
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